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You can use HyperTermianl as screen in computer to access your Raspberry Pi 

The necessary settings are:

  • Speed: 115200 baud       Data bits: 8        Stop bits: 1       Parity: None          Flow control: None


and can use PuTTY as screen in computer to access your Raspberry Pi 




You can use the serial port test program "TestMP2" as screen (program can download from our web site) access your Rs-Pi



also you can use iPhone/iPad (need together with our iPhone/iPad console kit )as screen to access your Raspberry Pi 




Raspberry Pi   RS232 console cable

(90cm length cable)


You can connect your Rs Pi through your computer serial port or iPhone/ iPad serial port. 



This cable with 3 LED for indicate the states of the cable 

DC 3.3V (Red) , Tx (Green) , Rx (Yellow) 


The Pi RS232 Interface board uses level shift circuitry on the UART Transmit (Tx) and Receive (Rx) signal lines to protect the Raspberry Pi from damage caused by incompatible voltage levels.  It uses a RS232 driver and a charge pump circuit to generate full RS232 signal levels from those shifted signals.

We use MAX3232  3.3V/5V  for the RS232 transceiver.


With this cable your Raspberry Pi can talk directly to your computers RS232 com port or any other standard RS232 piece of equipment (iPad, iPhone etc..).  

If you have an operating system loaded on your Raspberry Pi that uses the UART port as the console you can program and talk to the Raspberry Pi with a terminal program. 

If you have the Debian image on your Piís SD card (downloaded from the Raspberry Pi download site) then it will already use the UART as a console without any additional programming.


The Pi RS232 console cable plugs ( 2x5 header )directly onto the Piís 26 way header from pin1 and takes power from the Piís 3.3V supply, 

 User manual

 Raspberry Pi DB9 cable



Package Content

1x Pi console cable (with 90cm length cable)
1x manual 



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