Raspberry Pi - SmartHome IoT Pi System  

         Raspberry Pi - SmartHome IoT Pi System

                  for Raspberry Pi B+ & B2


     The SmartHome IoT Pi has unlimited functions,

           the only limit is your imagination!


For beginners you can start with IoT Pi-R1 , use the on board relay control for the ON/OFF through the Internet ( you must have Internet with your Pi Wifi or Ethernet), All of our boards for the IoT Pi system have a model number & serial number that will need to match with our IoT Cloud database, our IoT Pi software runs in Pi furthermore it will detect the system and detect which type module board plug-in, and enable the function to collect the data & update to IoT Cloud.






The SmartHome IoT Pi project is aimed towards creating a system capable of controlling devices over the internet from any device.
Currently the system supports up to 12 Controlled devices and 1 DHT 2302/22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor. The main device ( G1 ) Can be triggered by
temperature (with a DHT sensor) or time. The system uses Solid State Relays ( SSR ) or Switching Relays, The Switching Relays are louder and sound a "Click" when they switch.

   The Switching Relays also cannot support up to 20Amps or 40Amps like the SSR's can do. The system can be deployed to control your air conditioning during
the hot summers or electronic heaters during the winter, another use would be to wire the system up to your house lights / power and control your lights
from over the internet.

    Additional items are the
Yellow/Blue 0.96 128x64 OLED LCD
screen to show extra info, last command sent and a countdown to update / check server status and also show Temperature and Humidity.
The advantage to using our system over another system is that everything is built for each other ( The Temperature sensors, the relays, and the screen ).
The system uses the internet through WiFi or an Ethernet cable to connect to our secure servers which enable the website interface and the Smartphone to easily communicate with your device.



 SmartHome IoT Web Service     ID  : Demo   Password  : Password 

 connect with 4 Devices (B+ & B2)  GBR02, GBR03, GBR12345678 & TWN01

1. GBR00000002 B+ ( SmartHome IoT board with all module full function, with sensor)

2. GBR00000003 B+  ( SmartHome IoT board only, with sensor)

3. GBR12345678 B2 ( SmartHome IoT board with all module full function, with sensor)

4. TWN00000001 B+ ( SmartHome IoT board with all module full function, with sensor)


SmartHome IoT Cloud Service web site  detail




basic web base control interface (IoT Pi Board & Sensor)

 IoT-Pi System


Basic IoT-Pi-R1 system  with sensor & relay no extra module board

1. IoTPi-R1 SmartHome System Board
2. Pi-SmartHome IoT Pi System DC 5.0V system power voltage meter
HTU21D Humidity & Temperature Sensor
DHT22 Humidity & Temperature sensor
5. GPIO output to 4 relay board
6. Switch & System LED board
BMP085/180 Barometric Pressure/Temp/Altitude Sensor
8. Extra GPIO output to 4relay board
9. IoT-Power board for system, relay & sensor
10. Mini fan for IoT-Pi system
11. DC 12V input



new IoT-PW-Ext  layout on board Switch and LED(5) , and all sensor(1,2,3,4) socket


IoT-Power new Ver layout  to  IoT-Pw-Ext   68mm x 89mm  will be easy for you to connect all sensor ,LCD, relay, Switch , System status LED to IoT-Pi-R0/R1 system board

 function include 

1. DC 19V ~ DC 7.2V input  output to 5V & 3.3V for system use
extra 4 GPIO output to 4 relay
HTU21D Humidity & Temperature Sensor socket
4. DHT22 Humidity & Temperature Sensor socket
BMP180 Barometric Pressure/Temp/Altitude Sensor socket
Switch & System LED on board
0.96 128x64 OLED LCD monitor socket
8. NRF24L01 RF module socket
9. ESP8266Wifi module socket

10. Bluetooth module socket
RFID reader module socket
12. use 2x40 GPIO cable connect to IoT-Pi-R0/R1 system board

Launch a a Program

support user define program mode ( will automatic create Python Program with simply way)

The program can be trigger by Timer, Temperature sensor or run instantly.

6 GPIO , 6 Extra GPIO & delay basic function example code



delay timing setting


Step Motor control ( need Step Motor & Servo Motor module )


GPIO output control ( need GPIO module board )


Servo Motor control ( need Step Motor & Servo Motor module )


RGB-W LED light control ( need RGB-W LED module )


mobile base web control interface


support NRF24L01 RF module for wireless control function


You can add more extra function modules to enable  in control panel , just use 1x4 female to female 20cm cable to connect the module you need



You also can choose with 2x40 Header  -   A 2x40 with 12mm high ,    B 2x20 with 3mm high



all  modules can be work along with Raspberry Pi B+ & B2


all IoT modules can be stack plug-in together


(1) i2c 1-Wire Temperature module board

  1-Wire 8 bus port (8 input port) Sensor Board (IoT-1Wire-8)
  1-Wire 1 bus ( 5 input port) Sensor Board (IoT-1Wire-1)


Enable Temperature Sensor control panel


            1-Wire Temperature sensor


(2) i2c 16 channel PWM Servo & 16 channel GPIO module board


  Support 16 channel for PWM Servo motor

 Can setting 8GPIO as input  8 GPIO as output (for 2 Step Motor)

  Support 2 x 5V Step Motor 28byj48-5V

    Bank A,B GPIO Status on screen


   Bank B as input  or Bank B as output                 



  Bank A as Step Motor control or ON/OFF control



16 channel PWM Servo motor control



(3) i2c super AD/DA Board


  1. IoT-Super-AD-DA Full function

           18bit ADC (4 channel x2 )8 channel

           16bit/12bit  ADC 4 channel  up to 8 channel

            8 bit ADC 8 channel, DAC 2 channel

12bit DAC 1 channel , up to 2 channel    

2. IoT-Super-AD-DA-Li   -- 8 bit ADC 8 channel, DAC 2 channel


The 18bit ADC to work as a single ended A/D converter using the internal 2.048V reference voltage with the -V pins tied to ground.     A voltage divider extension board plug-in brings the input voltage range to a much more useful 0 5.06V. In this configuration the sample size is 17 bits for each channel.


  Full function

  18bit ADC (4 channel x2 )8 channel

  16bit/12bit  ADC 4 channel  up to 8 channel

  8 bit ADC 8 channel, DAC 2 channel

12bit DAC 1 channel , up to 2 channel     


   ADC  Application :  Soil Probe sensor  (  soil moisture sensor) 

                                  DC Voltage detect , Light detect , fire detect

                                  AC current detect 


  Soil Probe sensor  (  soil moisture sensor)


(1)Enable 18bit 8 channel ADC control panel




(2) Enable 8bit 8 channel ADC &  2 channel DAC control panel


(3) Enable 16bit/12bit  4 channel ADC


Enable 12bit DAC up to 2 channel



(4) i2c RGB-W LED light Module

with RGB-W LED light module will enable RGB-W control panel



(5)  Multi DC Adapter Board


  output  Provide 5V (USB connect) ,  5V,3.3V,GND through 1x8 2.54mm socket



IoT-Pi-PW-Ext       new Power and sensor board layout


(6) Sensorssors

    1. 5V Mini Cooling Fan            

   2. DHT22   Temp & Humidity Sensor

   3.BMP180     Barometric Pressure/Temp/Altitude Sensor                 

   4.HUT21   Temp & Humidity Sensor


(7) LCD & Switch


  Yellow/Blue 0.96 128x64 OLED LCD monitor support

  1. Press the  key  shut down the system

    Press the  key  for hold 5 seconds,  system will reboot

  2. Green LED  flashing meaning system running 


SmartHome IoT Pi System  Example

This Smarthome IoT Pi System in the day time the power from battery also solar panel charger the battery, at night time use the battery, with emergency backup DC adapter for charge battery. ( the solar charger will stop charge at 14.4V, stop power supply at 10.8V, voltage of resume power supply at 12.6V. )

with on board Temp sensor can control the Mini fan

extra sensor data collection

   1. DHT22  Temp & Humidity Sensor

   2. BMP180     Barometric Pressure/Temp/Altitudee Sensor                 

   3 .HUT21   Temp & Humidity Sensor


 SmartHome IoT Service web site  detaill

 SmartHome IoT Web Service     ID  : Demo   Password  : Password 


Full function control panel enable all modules


HISG (Heat Insulation Solar Glass) for DC Power input

panel size( 100cmm x 53cm)  with windows frame (110cm x66cm)



1. DC input from Solar Panel DC70.7V , 370mA
2. Pi-SmartHome IoT Pi System DC 13.6V 200mA total system power draw
3. Solar Panel Battery Charger
3-1 Solar Charge in Voltage 14.1V 3-2 Battery Voltage 13.4V
4. Yuasa NP7-12 12V 7Ah Battery x3
5. Solar power input inverter (input DC
6. SSR AC control socket
7. Backup DC adapter
8,9. 2 plant for soil sensor detect
10. 18B20 temperature sensor x3
11. BMP085/180 Barometric Pressure/Temp/Altitude Sensor
12,13. Soil Probe sensor ( soil moisture sensor)
14. Micro Servo Motor
15. 5V Step Motor x2
16. DHT22 Humidity & Temperature sensor
17. 4 Relay output board
18. 1-Wire module board
19. Super AD/DA board
20. 16 channel GPIO & 16 channel PWM module board
21. RGB-W LED module board
22. Voltage detect board
23. HTU21D Humidity & Temperature Sensor
24. DC Power module board
25. Yellow/Blue 0.96 128x64 OLED LCD monitor
26. SmartHome IoT Pi System Board with Mini Fan & Switch-LED board







Raspberry Pi




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