RS232x 4 port Serial PCI Card 16C1050 with DC Power input


PCI  RS232x 4 PORT CARD 16C1050 

PCI chip solution( SB16C1052PCI)

It's real COM Port in your computer, high compatible with serial type device.

The 4-Port PCI Serial Adapter Card (RS232) with 161050 UART adds four DB9 RS232 serial ports, using a single PCI expansion slot.

The card delivers an efficient single-chip design and a large 256-byte transit/receive FIFO buffer that work together to provide high-speed serial communication while reducing the overall load on the system CPU.

With the included standard and low profile/half-height brackets, this PCI serial expansion card suits a broad range of system form factors, and is a perfect addition for connecting RS232 serial devices to a host computer. For added versatility, the RS232 adapter is able to accommodate 3.3 or 5V PCI/PCI-X slots.

  • 16C1050 UART with 256-byte Deep FIFO
  • Supports Hardware and Software flow control
  • Supports maximum data transmission rate of 12.8kbps
  • Supports PCI Power Management 1.1
  • Compliant with PCI Local Bus Specification 2.3
  • Add RS232 support to a Desktop, Server or Embedded system
  • For use in industrial environments with serial networking devices, high speed modems, monitoring equipment, long distance communication devices and printers
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial applications such as POS networks, ATMs, bank teller stations, and CNC based production lines
  • Works for industrial process control and factory automation applications

OS Support      
Windows® 7 (32/64bit)/ Vista(32/64)/ XP(32/64)  Windows® Server 2008 R2/ 2003(32/64)/ 2000  
Linux 2.4.x/ 2.6.x



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