PCMCIA to PCI Adapter Card - Use Laptop Cards in PC


PCMCIA to PCI Adapter Card

     - Use Laptop PCMCIA Cards in PC


This PCI Expansion card will add PCMCIA compatibility to your desktop computer machine, allowing you to use different laptop PCMCIA cards on your PC. This expansion card is easy to install and operate, so you'll be using your PCMCIA cards on your desktop in minutes.



          Compliant with PCI Local Bus specification 2.2

          Hot Swapping and Plug-n-Play compatible

          Compliant with PC Card Standard Release 8.0 specification

          Support 16-bit(PCMCIA2.1/JEIDA4.2) and 32-bit(Card Bus)PC Card

          3.3V or 5V power light indicator

          Compliant with i82365sl register set and ExCA

          Support Type I/II/III Card Bus/PCMCIA card

          Software driver supports Windows 98SE,ME,2000,XP,VISTA and other most popular OS


1 x Manual



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