SATA to 44 Pin Male IDE (IDC 44pin) Adapter Converter


 SATA to 44 Pin Male IDE (IDC 44pin) Adapter Converter


The PCB size 69mm x14mm, you can use this converter for your laptop, but you need check the space for your HDD caddy,

some model laptop can use this converter, some can't use.


Package Content

1x 44pin IDE to SATA converter 
1x user manual


         Professional design & No driver is needed, easy to use

         JMB20330 chipset

         44-Pin standard female IDE connector

         Compliant with serial-ATA specification.

         Mini board design & no space wasted.

         The 44-Pin IDE 2.5" HDD to SATA Adapter can allows you use your laptop 2.5" IDE hard disk as SATA disk. You can use your 2.5" IDE hard disk in the laptop or desktop which have SATA connector.

         Integrated chip provides a high performance, economic and reliable solution to use peripherals with SATA interface.

         Supports MS Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista, DOS, Mac, Linux






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