2 Ports RS232 422/485 Combo PCI Express Card w/Power


2 Ports RS232 RS422 RS485 Combo  (16C950)PCI Express  PCIe Card With Power

5V/12V/RI(No Power) Power on each individual port (DB9 Pin9)

The card is specially designed to allow power output from the ninth pin of the connector to enable power up of the connected devices without power adapter. The card can set each individual port with 5v,12v or RI (No Power)

User can also choose to draw the needed power from the external system power supply.

Please tell us 5V OR 12V DC output you want used in serial port?
Default manufacturer setting is 5v DC output
in DB9 pin9

PCI-e one chip solution(
Pericom  PI7C9X7952)

It's real COM Port in your computer, not USB to COM port
  high compatible with serial type device.



2 Ports RS232/422/485 (Software Control)


Fully compliant with PCI Express Card Specification 1.1

Two 16C950 UART Serial Ports

128-byte assigned FIFO

4-wire RS-422/485 and 2-wire RS-485 applications

RS232 Speed up to 230kbps

RS422/485 Speed up to 115.2Kbps


OS Support:

Windows® 2000, XP, Server 2003 ,Vista, Linux  kernel  2.6.x



1 x Manual, 1 x Driver CD



 PCIe Card



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