RS232 16C550 X2 +Parallel X1 PCIe PCI Express Card



PCI Express PCIe RS232 2 Serial (16c550)+ Parallel Card      (SUPPORT VISTA)

PCI-e one chip solution(Moschip MCS9901CV)

It's real COM Port in your computer, not USB to COM port
  high compatible with serial type device.

It's real Parallel Port in your computer, not USB to Parallel port high compatible with Parallel type device (Printer, KeyPro, Scanner).



* 2 independent RS-232 serial ports with communication speeds up to 430Kbps
* Designed to meet PCI-Express Base Specification Revision 1.1
* Supports x1,x2,x4,x8,x16(lane)PCI-Express Bus connector keys
* High speed 16C550 compatible UART controller on-board
* Supper IEEE 1284 Parallel ports standard
   ECP(Enhance Capacity Port)/ EPP(Enhance Parallel Port)
   SPP(Standard Parallel Port)
* On-chip hardware auto flow control to guarantee no data loss
* Built-in 16 byte hardware FIFO & 256K byte DMA software FIFO
* Support DOS,Linux,MAC,Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 and Vista

Driver Support

Microsoft       Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista32/64-bit

Linux Kernel    2.6.11 and above

DOS           DOS

MAC           10.4.x and above



1 x Manual, 1 x Driver CD, 2nd Serial port Cable



 PCIe Card



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