Raspberry Pi - B2 Win10 IoT setting for EDU-V2-E01


1. EDU-Learing Kit-V2   EDU-V2-E01

-- Module /sensor GPIO Learning Kits  

  ( support Raspberry Pi B2/A+/B+)



  Windows10 IoT i2c Temperature & Humidity  APP Demo  


 Windows10 IoT i2c RGB-W LED & PWM Servo  APP Demo



Windows10 IoT i2c 23017 32 GPIO output  APP Demo



  Windows10 IoT Traffic Light APP Demo


 Windows10 IoT i2c detect  APP Demo



1.The EDU Learning Board provide RTC clock with CR1220 3V Backup Battery.

2. provide 2 switch control 2 sets Traffic light , provide python traffic light program.

3. provide RFID Reader socket ( SPI signal) / NRF24L01 socket (SPI signal)

    you can choose use RFID or NRF24L01  ( both use SPI signal)

4. Provide 2 extra i2c device input port, one for 3.3V, one for 5V

5. provide 3.3V power Regulator for 3.3V device ( RFID/ NRF24L01/ESP8266) i2c device

6. provide DS18B20 temperature sensor socket (GPIO4)

7. provide IR Receiver sensor socket (GPIO23)

8. provide IR PIR motion sensor socket (GPIO23)

9  provide 1  5V 28BYJ-48 Step Motor socket (5V can select from Pi or external)

   (GPIO 17,18,27,22) Step Motor

10 provide 1 buzzer  (GPIO24)

11  provide 2 sets traffic light

 first set traffic light   Red (GPIO19), Yellow(GPIO13), Green (GPIO12) ,Switch 1(GPIO20)

 second set traffic light  Red (GPIO16), Yellow(GPIO21), Green (GPIO26) ,Switch 2(GPIO6)

Below are the new functions we added in V2 
  • 2 x R,Y,G LED display stand set
  • 2 x Servo motor socket
  • HAT EEPROM 24c32 support on board 
  • 1 x DHT22 Temperature & Humidity sensor socket
  • HY-SRF05 Ultrasonic distance sensor socket
  • 16x2/20x4 character LCD socket
  • 84x48 Pixels Monochrome LCD socket

Advance user   --------   in AT command mode

  • ESP8266 Serial WiFi module socket        Spec  AT command   Datasheet    AT Example
  • Bluetooth 2.0 module socket         AT command  Datasheet
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE        AT command  Datasheet



 Put the Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview image on your SD card

need a Windows 10 computer to unzip and make image for your SD card

Download the package Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview Image for Raspberry Pi 2” from Microsoft Connect.




  1. Insert an SD card into your SD card reader.
  2. Open an admininistrator command prompt and navigate to the folder containing your local Flash.ffu.


Using the administrator command prompt, apply the image to your SD card. Run the following command:

dism.exe /Apply-Image /ImageFile:Flash.ffu /ApplyDrive:\\.\PhysicalDriveN /SkipPlatformCheck

  • Be sure to replace PhysicalDriveN with the value you found in the previous step, for example, if your SD card is disk number 1, use




Install WindowsDeveloperProgramForIoT.msi. It can be found inside any of the Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview image files (for example, Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview image for Raspberry Pi 2.zip)


Notice that the Windows IoT Core Watcher application automatically starts when you log on. It can be used to find available Windows 10 IoT Core devices to deploy apps to.


Setting up Visual Studio 2015 Preview on your PC

  • Install Windows 10 to PC

  • Install Visual Studio 2015 Preview . Choose the Custom option when you kick off the installer,


      and then select Universal Windows App Development Tools. On the next page confirm that

     Tools and Windows SDK, and Emulators for Windows Mobile options are going to be installed.




 Connecting to your Windows 10 IoT Core device from your  development PC:

Connecting your Windows 10 IoT Core device directly to your PC & setting up Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

If you don't have a local network to plug your device into, you can create a direct connection to your PC. In order to connect and share the internet connection in your PC with your IoT Core device, you must have the following:

  • A spare Ethernet port on your development machine. This can be either an extra PCI Ethernet card or a USB-to-Ethernet dongle.
  • An Ethernet cable to link your development machine to your IoT Core device.

Follow the instructions below to enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on your PC

  1. Open up the control panel by right-clicking on the Windows button and selecting Control Panel, or by opening up a command prompt window and typingcontrol.exe
  2. In the search box of the control panel, type adapter
  3. Under Network and Sharing Center, click View network connections
  4. Right-click the connection that you want to share, and click Properties
  5. Click the Sharing tab, and select the Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection box.

After you have enabled ICS on your PC, you can now connect your Windows 10 IoT Core device directly to your PC. You can do it by plugging in one end of the spare Ethernet cable to the extra Ethernet port on your PC, and the other end of the cable to the Ethernet port on your IoT Core device.

 Boot Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview

  1. Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview will boot automatically after connecting power supply.
  2. On the very first boot Windows IoT Core will do some first boot configurations and it will display a default blue colored application while this is happening. Wait for a few minutes and the board will automatically restart. This will happen only once and then DefaultApp should come up, displaying the IP address of the Raspberry Pi 2.





  use browser access  Pi-2






  * Microsoft reserved GPIO 19,20,21,17 as SPI1 signal, so we can't use  

     these pin as normal GPIO   input/output function right now, so we 

     change  GPIO19 to GPIO25, GPIO20 to GPIO23, GPIO21 to GPIO27  for

     this demo





 Buzzer  (GPIO24)

 first set traffic light   Red (GPIO19) --> GPIO25 , Yellow(GPIO13), Green (GPIO12) , Switch 1(GPIO20) -->GPIO23

 second set traffic light  Red (GPIO16), Yellow(GPIO21) -->GPIO27, Green (GPIO26) , Switch 2(GPIO6)




  I2C 23017 32 GPIO output APP



  Traffic Light APP example in Win10



     I2C DETECT APP example in Win10



   Demo  program

   1.Win10 IoT Visual Studio I2C 23017 32 GPIO output APP

   2.Win10 IoT Visual Studio Traffic Light APP   

   3.Win10 IoT Visual Studio I2C detect APP   





Raspberry Pi-2  Win10 IoT setting




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