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How to use Pi8s.tar

  1. The file Pi8s.tar you download , you can open in PC with software 7-Zip Ver 9.2 in WinXP (or Winrar ver 3.2 in WinXP ), then copy 2 folder (Pi8s, JavaUART) to USB pen driver , then  move  to Raspberry Pi

   You can download 7-zip in    7-ZIp  org     

   2. or you can copy  Pi8s.tar  to Pi, and use  command -->    tar xf Pi8s.tar         . pi will unpack two folder(Pi8s, JavaUART) 
   in JavaUART folder  typing   ./   --> will launch the Java Base GUI interface control panel 

if you have    bash: ./ Permission denied

      --->     chmod +x

   3. in Pi8s folder, typing   ./   , will install files for you  





UART Software




 Flag Counter


Raspberry  Pi

         All i2c UART info

         Auto Load  UART

        4 UART HAT

        2 UART HAT

        1 UART HAT


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