1.   Intel D525MW mother board Mini PCI express slot not detect our card? 


Intel D525MW mother board not detect our Mini PCIe card, you can do a little job make it work fine

there are 2 ways can do this job,

1. short circuit the Mini PCIe socket 2 pin , if the first one will break your warranty you can do the second one.

2. short circuit our card 2 pin

After that all of our Mini PCIe card work fine now. (Mini PCIe 1394a+b, USB 3.0, SATA II, SATA III, Ethernet, 422/485, Serial, Serial + Parallel).



1. find the mini PCI express socket



2. Short circuit pin7 & pin 9



2. short circuit our card  pin7 & pin 9 . (the example is Mini PCI Express 2 Port SATA )


1. Use the soldering tape cover the area


2.  Remove the paint from PCB

3. soldering


4. finished


This is another way to do the MOD.





 MOD Intel D525MW mother board

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