Raspberry Pi - i2c 23017 & GPIO 8 Switch Board


Raspberry Pi - i2c 23017 & GPIO 8 Switch Board




This board use   RS-Pi  pin 11,12,13,15,16,18,22,7 as GPIO 0 to GPIO7 to control Switch 1 to 8 ,

 You still got i2c , and SPI , TX, Rx signal available from your Raspberry Pi,

WiringPi  support 8 GPIO switch 



*  i2c 23017 provide 16 extra GPIO

*  support Rs-Pi V2 P5 got extra 4 GPIO (28,29,30,31)

*  2 extra 12c input for sensors  (5V or 3v3) (5V port with Level converter)

*   J7   GND,5V, SDA,SCL     J8   GND,3V3, SDA,SCL

 Red power-good V+ LED

 1.6A PolySwitch Fuse for V+ input protect. 







                 Rs-Pi-23017 & GPIO 8 switch Board plug in Raspberry Pi      



           control  two  28BYJ-48 5V   stepper motor

new test program   23017-2port-8sw-v100.py demo

8 key switch input can choose Bank A or Bank B for output



 23017-2port-stepper-s-v100.py    demo    2  Stepper Motor Control


 Test Program

  8sw.c         23017-21.py           23017-2port-8sw-v100.py    


 User Manual


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi i2c 23017 & GPIO 8 Switch  Board

1x manual 



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