Raspberry Pi -17 Channel  1-Wire Board



Raspberry Pi - 17 Channel 1-Wire Board




The 1-Wire port is based around a DS2482-800 &DS2482-100 I2C to 1-Wire bridge device. The DS2482-800 provides bi-directional protocol conversion between the I2C port on the Raspberry Pi and any attached 1-Wire® slave devices. An ESD Protection Diode is used to protect the Board and Raspberry Pi from electrostatic spikes on the 1-Wire port. Connections to the 1-Wire port can be made through pin on the PCB.

1-Wire 2482-100  1 channel WITH 1 ESD protection diode     DS2482-100 Datasheet

1 Wire  2482-800 8 channel  with 8 ESD protection diode      DS2482-800 Datasheet

with DS18B20 Temperature Sensor                         

  18  -- > DS2482-100   1c --> DS2482-800   1f --> DS2482-800   68 --> DS1307 RTC


It appears that OWServer has found 17 1-wire busses,
DS2482-100 is bus.0      DS2482-800 is bus.1 .. bus 8   DS2482-800 is bus.9 .. bus 16


  User Manual      1-Wire Setting  information

 1-Wire setting for Pi3/Pi4


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi 17 Channel 1-Wire Board

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi



   1Wire Old system Setting

   1Wire Pi3/Pi4 setting


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