Raspberry Pi - i2c 3424-8  A/D  32channel Board


Raspberry Pi - 18bit i2c 3424-8 A/D 32 channel Board




 The MCP3424 contains an on-board 2.048V reference voltage with an
input range of 2.048V differentially (full scale range of 4.096V/PGA). A
programmable Gain Amplifier gives the user a selectable gain of x1, x2,
x4 or x8 before the Analog to digital conversion takes place.

The data rate for Analog to digital conversions is 3.75 (18 bit), 15 (16
bit), 60 (14 bit) or 240 (12 bit) samples per second. Data rate and
resolution can be configured within software using the I2C interface.       

U1 ~ U8 MCP3424    Datasheet 



U1 ~U8  -->  68, 69, 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d, 6e 6f



                 Rs-Pi-i2c-3424-8 32 channel A/D Board plug in Raspberry Pi      



Test Program

  User manual


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi 18bit i2c 3424-8 32 channel A/D  Board

1x manual 



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