Raspberry Pi - LED Matrix 16x16 Board


  Raspberry Pi - I2C  LED Matrix 16x16 Board




                                     16x16 LED Matrix plug-in Raspberry Pi A+


     8x8 20mmx20mm Dot Matrix 1.9mm Common Anode Red



address 0x70  for 8x16


Address 0x71 for 8 x16



 address 70, 71 for 16x16





You can connect two 16x16 LED Matrix for 32 x16 LED  Matrix


Display Image



Display Raspberry Pi RTC Time & Date



Display Raspberry Pi RTC Time & Date ( 3x5 small font)





 70, 71 for two LED driver   HT16K33    DataSheet

The HT16K33 is a memory mapping and multi-function LED controller driver. The max. Display
segment numbers in the device is 128 patterns (16 segments and 8 commons) with a 13*3 (MAX.)
matrix key scan circuit. The software configuration features of the HT16K33 makes it suitable
for multiple LED applications including LED modules and display subsystems. The HT16K33 is
compatible with most microcontrollers and communicates via a two-line bidirectional I2C-bus.

●● Operating voltage: 4.5V~5.5V
●● Integrated RC oscillator
●● I2C-bus interface
●● 16*8 bits RAM for display data storage
●● Max. 16 x 8 patterns, 16 segments and 8 commons
●● R/W address auto increment
●● Max. 13 x 3 matrix key scanning
●● 16-step dimming circuit
●● Selection of 20/24/28-pin SOP package types


  Provide 16 Python Test Program (include 16x16 & 24x16)


1.led8x16_j.py          24x16 moving image 
2.led16x16-7172.py   16x16 test in address 71,72 
3.led_time.py            2 line Date & Time information
4.led16x16.py            16x16 test in address 70,71
5.led_16x16_v2.py    16x16 display time & date 
6.led_image.py          16x16 show image then Time & date
7.led24x16.py            24x16 line test  
8.time_check.py         sync RTC tiem & System Time 
9.led8x16-70.py        8x16 test in address 70   
10.led8x16-71.py        8x16 test in address 71
11.led_single_img.py   24x16 display image first then Time & date 
12.led_single.py 24x16 display Time & date

13.led_16x16_small.py          16x16 3x5 small font clock

14.led_jd.py                24x16 input message test
(1) input "TEST" for display all characters
         (2) input "Time" display Time & Date
         (3) input  
"Smile"   display 6 Smile face
         (4) input  
"Cont" display 6 Block

New function   17,Mar 2014 update

15.Led16x16-m.py 16x16 RSS BBC scroll message & Time
16.Led24x16-m.py 24x16 RSS BBC scroll message & Time


Support our Pi_Scratch software   Detail



 (1) command  SLED+ "time"   display Time & Date (3x5 font)

(2) command SLED+ "img"   display 16X16 image

(3) command SLED + "message"   display message

SLEDthis is led matrix demo     --> display "this is led matrix demo"

(4) command "SLEDCLS" clean 16x16 screen

(5) command SPRINT + "message"  

Maximum display message 5X7 4 character in 16x16 Matrix


NEW COMMAND    17,Mar 2014 update

(6) command LED +”ram”         Display RAM usage

(7) command LED +”stop”       stop all display function 

(8) command LED +”wifi ip”     display WiFi IP

(9) command LED +”wifi ssid”   display WiFi SSID

(10) command LED +”wifi sig”   Display Wifi signal

(11) command LED +”RSS”       RSS function on  

(12) command LED +”RSSOFF”   RSS function Off

  Download  24x16 Matrix Test rar      24x16 Matrix Test tar  

  User Manual


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi I2C LED Matrix 16x16 board

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi



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