Raspberry Pi -  P-HAB ( High-Altitude Balloon)

   5. 27 Jul 2014 Balloon Launch

  5V HAB Detail     3.3V HAB Detail


1. 04 Jun 2014 Balloon launch  Detail    

2. 07 Jul 2014 Balloon launch   Detail  more photos from sky

3. 13 Jul 2014 Balloon launch   Detail   function  test fly

4. 20 Jul 2014 Balloon launch   Detail   function  test fly


5. 27 Jul 2014 Balloon Launchh

This is another function test fly, for test cut down function will work in 15000M?


1. The cutdown work at 15000M (software setting, you can change)


Detail information will update soon.


Pi-HAB signal

P--HAB  signal  reach at  15068.9M and drop and landed  about 15:53



   at 14:49:01 reach 9813M



     at 15:00:22 reach 12062.2M  



     at 15:14:35 reach 15068.9M   cutdown = 1



     and at 15:16:36 drop to 13683M  



  at 15:22:37 drop to 10236.9M


  at 15:31:28 drop to 6550M


 at 15:42:31 drop to 3232M



  at 15:53:55 drop to 414.7M



 at  16:38:03 found our HAB landing location.


log file, short data mode send back

time, count, latitude, longitude, satellites, flightmode, board_temp, ext_temp, altitude, cutdown









Raspberry Pi




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