Raspberry Pi -Smart Home Control System Board



Raspberry Pi - Smart Home control System Board




    The Smart Home board will allow you to connect several devices ( Maximum of 8 ) to the Pi, Pin 1 can be controlled by temperature or timer which can allow you to turn off your device at a preset time or temperature depending on the command sent from the Web interface or the Android App.     

     You can also get a 5v fan to go with your Smart Home board, The fan will cool the Pi to normal operating temperatures if there is decreased airflow such as if the Pi is concealed in a tight area. The screen will allow you to view data about the system such as current temperature, current humidity, last command sent ( Fetched from the server) current WiFi / ethernet signal, and current time. Also supplied is a Button keypad for performing      


  SmartHome Web Service     ID  : demo   Password  : password 

   Smart Home IoT Cloud Service web site  detail




25A or 40A SSR with one / two UK AC plug for safe use AC device





web base control interface


    mobile base web control interface



Package Content 

   1x Rs-Pi SmartHome IoT Pi IoT-Pi-R0 System Board

1x User Manual 

1x  Free 2 years IoT Cloud service



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