Raspberry Pi -Smart Home Control System Board



Raspberry Pi - Smart Home control System Board




    The Smart Home project is aimed towards creating a system capable of controlling devices over the internet from any device.
Currently the system supports up to 12 Controlled devices and 1 DHT 2302/22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor. The main device ( G1 ) Can be triggered by
temperature (with a DHT sensor) or time. The system uses Solid State Relays ( SSR ) or Switching Relays, The Switching Relays are louder and sound a "Click" when they switch.

   The Switching Relays also cannot support up to 20Amps or 40Amps like the SSR's can do. The system can be deployed to control your air conditioning during
the hot summers or electronic heaters during the winter, another use would be to wire the system up to your house lights / power and control your lights
from over the internet.

    The advantage to using our system over another system is that everything is built for each other ( The Temperature sensors, the relays, and the screen ).
The system uses the internet through WiFi or an Ethernet cable to connect to our secure servers which enable the website interface and the Smartphone to easily communicate with your device.



  SmartHome IoT Web Service     ID  : Demo   Password  : Password 

 connect with 4 Devices GBR02, GBR03, GBR12345678 & TWN01 

1. GBR02

2. GBR03

3. GBR12345678

4. TWN01

  SmartHome IoT Service web site  detail







web base control interface


    mobile base web control interface




Full function enable all modules




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   1x Rs-Pi SmartHome IoT Pi IoT-Pi-R1 System Board

1x User Manual 

1x  Free 2 years IoT Cloud service



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