Raspberry Pi - 4 USB Hub & I2C with USB-to-TTL -RS232 - 1 Serial Port Board


Raspberry Pi internal 4 Ports USB Hub & AD/DA &

Multi-function I2C Board


(RTC-DS1307, Temperature Sensor-TMP102, D/A ,A/D ,

EEPROM, MCP23008, FT232RL, ZT3243)


4Hub AD/DA board plug in Pi Zero

 size small than Raspberry Pi model A/B  with Multi-Function

 Why Raspberry Pi suggest you need use External USB Hub with power Adapter? 
 because they design use 140mA fuse in each USB port, "140mA", 
 but USB spec need 500mA for each port,
 that's why lots people have power issue for USB port.
 in Rs-pi V2 they remove the Fuse design, and yo don't have any protect from Rs-Pi USB port.
 What  you can do ? 
  1. modify Rs-pi Fuse power circuit.  

2. Use external USB Hub with power adapater 

  Our RS-Pi internal USB hub with 1.5A polyswitch fuse and use USB signal (D+, D-) from

Rs-pi  only,  not use power from USB port and use Raspberry Pi 5V from P1 pin2 , so if you have good quality  "more than 1.2A" DC 5V adapter , then you can use our Rs-Pi USB hub no problem.

 if your device need more power, we also can provide extra 5V input(J13 mini USB B).
 The Rs-Pi V1 board  if you not modify the fuse circuit, you may need plug in extra Dc 5V from

(J13 mini USB B), for the Rs-Pi V2 no need for this input.





Raspberry Pi internal 4 Ports USB Hub & AD/DA &

Multi-function I2C Board


(RTC-DS1307, Temperature Sensor-TMP102, D/A ,A/D ,

EEPROM, MCP23008, FT232RL, ZT3243)












     for Rs-Pi V2  i2c in bus 1  

 " i2cdetect -y 1 "  for i2c bus scan 




   for Rs-Pi V1  i2c in bus 0  

" i2cdetect -y 0 "  for i2c bus scan 

                                                                  i2c Bus Detect  Status

   20  -> MCP23008    48  -> TMP102       68 -> RTC DS1307        50  -> 24c32       

   60    ->  MCP4725     49-> ADS1015     



 use eeprog 0.7.6 can read/write  for  24c32 or 24cxx


23008 8 bit GPIO     use 23008.py can set each bit output high or low



     MCP4725 12bit Digital-to-Analog Converter 
*     demo  9 bit   output  sinewave.py    at address "60"

MCP4725 demo  9 bit   sinewave.py    at address "60"



mcp4725  demo sinewave.py   result



*   ADS1015 12bit  Analog-to-Digital Converter
     demo  12 bit   4 channel  input    ads1015-49.py    at address "49"

  MCP4725 & ADS1015 Demo  

 ADS1015 use 4  trimpot 10K OHM for 4 channel Analog  input 

 MCP4725 output to USB Digital Oscilloscope




 Change R28 ,R32  Jumper you can change USB-TTL

or USB-RS232 function

* USB-TTL console function, access you Rs-Pi by a  normal USB A to USB Mini B cable 
* USB-RS232 make your  PC or Mac or Rs-Pi have full function 9 pin RS232 Port




Spec Detail

1. U5 MCP23008  J2 (GP0 ~  GP7 ) OUTPUT    &    


R20,R21,R22 (A0,A1,A2) address select      JP12 Disable Jumper    Datasheet

2. U8 RTC DS1307 with CR1220 Battery    Datasheet

3. U7 TMP102 Temperature Sensor      Datasheet

4. U9 24C32  32Kbit  EEPROM    JP10 Disable Jumper     Datasheet

5. U6 MCP4725 12bit Digital-to-Analog Converter ,    Datasheet

    JP11 (AOUT, GND)  JP1 Disable Jumper

6. U11 ADS1015 12bit  Analog-to-Digital Converter ,   Datasheet

   J7 INPUT (AIN0, AIN1,AIN2,AIN3,GND,3V3)       JP12 Disable Jumper

7, J5 (5V, GND,SCL,SDL) J6(3v3,GND,SCL,SDL)  I2C output

8.  U2 - USB 4 Ports HUB chipset

     J1 (JP3)  USB HUB upper port signal input from Rs-Pi

9.  J13  Mini USB 5V input for USB Hub, you don't need plug 5V , the USB Hub

    already use 5V  from Raspberry Pi (P1 pin2), if your USB device need

   more power,  then you can plug-in 5V in this port.

10. U10 FT232RL  J4 USB input from PC for USB to RS232 console port, just connect

   a cable  (5pin mini USB-B  to A USB ) then you have this console function.    

     FT232RL Datasheet 

      U12 ZT32433 RS232 Transceiver Driver , You can have DB9 full 9pin RS232

      output  from PC or Mac USB cable input or from Rs-Pi HUB Port for input  

      ZT3243 Datasheet

11. J11  for RS-Pi V2 GPIO connector (got 4 more GPIO pin)   


Adafruit Occidentalis v0.2 image support the

  TMP102 and RTC DS1307 , ADS1015 , MCP4725


Download sample program   mcp23008.py
  output higi or low to each bit for MCP23008

                                                                     in address "20"

                                       23008-20.py    for LED chaser program   Rs-Pi V1 board

                                       23008-1-20.py    for LED chaser program    Rs-Pi V2 board

                                       ads1015  sample program

Download       User manual



                 Full 9pin DB9 RS232 com port output with 30cm length cable



     Rs-Pi USB Hub connect 4 USB devices (keyboard, Mouse, 3G dongle, Wifi Dongle) 
    doesn't need extra 5V power input,   The Rs-Pi RS232 console cable connect to on board 
    RS232 port, the USB console port connect to PC USB port.USB port.



              FT232RL driver  loaded when  System Boot


package Content


1x Rs-Pi USB HUB & I2C w/ USB console board

1x  USB to MINI USB hub input cable

1x 2.0mm pitch 2x5 to DB9 30cm cable

1x CR1220 3V Battery (not include)

1x Manual  



Raspberry Pi



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