4 Port RS232 x4  for Raspberry Pi  B+ 2B 3B & Pi Zero


1. Provide RS232 x4 DB9 or RJ45 output
2. Can Choose RS232 x2 & RS485 X2 (option)   link
3. On board DS18B20 1Wire Temperature sensor (Option)
4. Provide 8 GPIO control LED
5. 1 GPIO 5V Mini Fan control pin (ON/OFF control ) ( 2.0mm / 2.54mm pitch )
6. On board RTC function with CR1220 Battery socket
7. 4 x RS232  Board Power select jumper from Pi or Micro USB
8. 5V Mini Fan Power select jumper from Pi or Micro USB
9. It provides an individual 3.3V power for UART Board
10. Provide HAT EEPROM for future driver program update.
11. One software control Micro Switch for Program ( Shut Down , reboot....)
12. Use 20x2 40pin cable connect to Pi
13. PCB size 110mm x 85mm
14. Raspberry Pi model 3B & Pi Zero W still can use on board Bluetooth & WiFi




   4Port RS232 with RJ45 Pin 1  to Pin8  output 


    1       2       3       4        5       6      7       8

   4 Port RS232 with standard DB9 output

  Male DB9 Pin 1  to Pin9  output 



 4 Port RS232 Board use power from Micro USB

 (8 GPIO control LED ON )


4 Port RS232 Board use power from Pi (8 GPIO control LED ON )


Serial GUI Control Panel
Control up to 4 Serial Ports


  • 1. Scan: Scan for available UART devices.
  • 2. Launch cutecom together when starting Serial Port.
  • 3. Port number in system
  • 4. Baud Rate choose
  • 5.6.7.  UART Port  Information:  Port Address 0x48,0x49, 0x4c, 0x4d

              Chip Address Location, Channel Number ( 1 / 2 ), TX and RX receive counter,

              and Serial port Location /dev/pts/X

  • 8. RS485 : Enable RS485 in this Port
  • 9. Start : Start UART port


Also provided is a terminal command mode to activate serial ports through a terminal / ssh.
You can also activate a serial port on boot up with the provided software.
Commands for starting the serial ports via command line;
./Pi232 -a ADDR -c CHANNEL -b BAUD -s DEVPTS
ADDR = Address of Serial Port e.g. 0x48, 0x49, 0x4C, and 0x4D
CHANNEL = Channel of serial Port ( 1 / 2 )
BAUD = Baud Rate for the Serial Port
DEVPTS = PICOM Service Number ( Will direct the filename to /dev/picomX where X = your number )

For example, To start a serial port from 0x49, on channel 2 with 115200 Baud run the following;
./Pi232 -a 0x49 -c 2 -b 115200 -s 1
This will activate the serial port and then set /dev/picom1 to your serial port location /dev/pts/X


     Enable RS232 in command mode   





1. device ->   /dev/pts/1        2 . Baud rate  38400

3. click Open device  

4. input AT command (HC-05 blutetooth module)

5. screen will show Bluetooth module response  

type "top" in terminal 
Enable 4 Port RS232 You will see 4 x Pi232 run in system 
File Download   

  Software Pack

  User Manual


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi RS232 x4 Add-On  board

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi

extra UART




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