Raspberry Pi 1-Wire System (OWFS) install


Installation of the OWFS (One Wire File System)

First you need to install the following packages:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install automake autoconf autotools-dev gcc-4.7 libtool libusb-dev libfuse-dev swig python2.6-dev tcl8.4-dev php5-dev i2c-tools

If promoted answer Yes on any questions during the install.

Download the latest version of OWFS to your usr/src directory

cd /usr/src

sudo wget  -O owfs-latest.tgz http://sourceforge.net/projects/owfs/files/latest/download

Unpack with the following command:

sudo tar xzvf owfs-latest.tgz

Next you must configure OWFS: (replace X.XXXX with the version number you downloaded)



cd owfs-X.XXXX              example :  cd owfs-2.9p1

sudo ./configure

If everything is correct, you should get a result like this:



Next you need to compile OWFS which will take approx. 30 minutes with the following command:

sudo make

Next install OWFS which will take a few minutes

sudo make install

Once the installation has completed you need to create a mountpoint for the 1wire folder:

sudo mkdir /mnt/1wire

In order to use the 1wire devices without root privileges you have to change the FUSE settings, edit the fuse configuration file with:

sudo nano /etc/fuse.conf

Update this line: #user_allow_other and remove the # from the start, then save your changes

You can now start using OWFS to access your i2c devices and any connected sensors:

sudo /opt/owfs/bin/owfs --i2c=ALL:ALL --allow_other /mnt/1wire/


Using a terminal window navigate to the /mnt/1wire/ directory and use the ls command to list all connected devices.

If you have a temperature sensor connected you should have a folder starting with 28.xxxxxx

cd into this folder and then enter cat temperature to read the temperature of the sensor.


  18  -> DS2482-100    I2C  1-Wire  bridge chip

   /28.7E1CC8030000    -  Connect   &  Detect  DALLAS 18B20P   TEMP Sensor


/opt/owfs/bin/owserver --i2c= /dev/i2c-1:ALL        ---  for Rs-Pi V2

/opt/owfs/bin/owserver --i2c= /dev/i2c-0:ALL        ---  for Rs-Pi V1




It appears that OWServer has found 1 1-wire busses, exactly what we’re expecting to happen.
Lets see if we can get some more details.
Which chip on the breakout board is bus.0

 /opt/owfs/bin/owread  /bus.0/interface/settings/name


How about the i2c addresses of each bus entry.    bus.0

/opt/owfs/bin/owread  /bus.0/interface/settings/address

/dev/i2c-1:18          -- for Rs-Pi V2

dev/i2c-0:18           -- for Rs-Pi V1


 1-Wire  (OWFS) install

  Flag Counter



  1-Wire Driver Download



1-Wire owfs-2.9p0


1-Wire  owfs-2.9p1


         1-Wire  owfs-2.9p8

         1-Wire  owfs-2.9p9



    1Wire 9/17 Port Product





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