Pi ZeroW Play Box

     extra Ethernet for Raspberry Pi  Pi Zero W & Pi Zero




  Pi ZeroW Play Box function demo video




a1  Ethernet connector with Yellow/Green LED

a2 Micro SD card slot

b1 camera cable slot

c1 Mini HDMI socket

c2 Micro USB OTG socket

c3 Micro USB 5V input socket




The Pi Zero W Play box provide 1 Ethernet connect , with HAT EEPROM, it's provide you a easy way plug&play in Raspberry all model  A+, B+, 2B ,3B, Zero, Zero W. also provide you extra useful function .


Pi ZeroW Play Box spec

1. Provide 3.3V power regulator for Ethernet chip use, not use 3.3V from Pi.

2. Ethernet connector provide TX, RX indicate  Yellow/Green LED.

3. case with Micro SD card hole for easy insert and remove.

4. case with camera cable hole for you can install camera.

5. 5 keypad for input and setting.

6. Provide one blue LED for keypad  back light.

7. 0.96" 128x64 white OLED screen

8. Provide Wifi setting program , don't need connect HDMI screen and keyboard

9. Provide Snake Game

10. Provide Atari breakout Game

11. Provide system information , IP,

12. Menu [Exit] provide Shut Down function, to prevent Pi OS SD card crash.


1. Pi Zero W Play Box Main Menuu


2. System Information


2. Snake Game


3. Atari breakout Game


4. Clock & more extra function ( System Status, Network, BBC RSS feed)


5. WiFi Setting (search SSID & setting Password )



6. Menu [Exit] provide Shut Down function, to prevent Pi OS Micro SD card crash.


  Pi Zero W Play box Kits


  1. 3D print Zero-W top cover     2.  3D print Zero-W base   

  2.  0.96"128x64 white OLED screen   4. Keypad double x2       5.  Button Shaft

  6. Keypad single      7. Pi-Zero-W-Net HAT board          8. 11mm spacer x2

  9. M2.5 x6mm screw x6    10.  M2.5 x10mm screw  x2    11. Pi Zero W  

  12. 16Gb Micro SD card    13. Mini HDMI to HDMi  adapter   14. micro USB OTG cable


provide 2 model for PiZeroNet
1. Pi-Zero-W-Net-Lite
  Provide HAT EEPROM & Ethernet
2. Pi-Zero-W-Net-IoT
  Provide HAT EEPROM & Ethernet & more extra function
  ( hardware --  0.96" 128x64 OLED screen, 5 Keypad, Keypad back light)
  ( software -- 2 little game,  tools program, WiFi setting program)



   Raspberry Pi 3B   3 IP( Wifi, Eth0, Eth1 information )


Raspberry Pi Zero W   2 IP( Wifi, Eth0  information )








Package Contentnt

   1x PiZeroW Play Box set ( include Pi ZeroW)

1x  16Gb Micro SD card ( All program load, just plug-in power then you can play)

1x Mini HDMI to HDMi  adapter  

1x Micro USB OTG cable

1x manual 



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